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Introduction to End-to-End Additive Manufacturing Workflow using Netfabb for DMLS

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    Additive manufacturing doesn’t have to be complex. Autodesk Netfabb is the right tool to reduce the complexity and streamline your AM workflow. This presentation will cover the end-to-end workflow of the additive manufacturing process using Netfabb and Simulation Utility. We’ll focus on the most challenging AM process, DMLS, in this presentation. The aim of the presentation is to show how Autodesk Netfabb will help you make the most of additive manufacturing starting from a CAD model all the way to build preparation and simulation build results.

    Key Learnings

    • Prepare CAD models for the additive manufacturing process
    • How use our advance orientation module helps reduce supports
    • Benefits of our advanced support module to create simple or complex supports.
    • How Netfabb can help you identify and mitigate common build failures in DMLS process