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Integrating Structural Design, Analysis, and Detailing: Advance Steel and Robot Structural Analysis

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    In this hands-on lab, we will explore the new interoperability between Advance Steel 2017 software and Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2017 software. We will begin by exploring a simple structural model in Advance Steel software. We will push that model into Robot Structural Analysis Professional software and perform a basic analysis and code group-based design. Once the design is correct, we will update the Advance Steel model geometry from Robot Structural Analysis Professional and continue the steel-detailing process. This session features Robot Structural Analysis Professional and Advance Steel. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create and manipulate model geometry in Advance Steel
    • Learn how to send Advance Steel models to Robot Structural Analysis and back for analysis
    • Learn how to perform code group-based design in Robot Structural Analysis
    • Learn how to add connections, number parts, and generate drawings in Advance Steel