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Integrating ReCap, Feature Extraction, and Other Technologies into Oil and Gas Projects
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Large process-plant refurbishments present a host of unique problems to engineers tasked with documenting the existing as-built conditions. New technologies such as ReCap Pro software, automated feature extraction, and others can result in a faster, more accurate deliverable, but engineers need to fully understand the workflow changes that these technologies require. This class, taught by a panel of experts in plant workflows, will highlight several new technologies, such as ReCap Pro software, and it will show you the ways to integrate these technologies into a plant scanning and modeling project.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to migrate from targets to targeted registration using ReCap Pro software
  • Understand new technologies for plant scanning / modeling workflows and how to integrate them into your workflow
  • Understand the specific tactics leading firms to scan, process, and model existing facilities
  • Learn how to create a detailed project plan for your oil and gas project that utilizes these industry effective practices




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