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Integrating InfraWorks 360 into Your Daily AutoCAD Civil 3D Practice

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    This course details some commonly used workflows that will help the typical AutoCAD Civil 3D software user adopt InfraWorks 360 software for daily uses. You will impress your project managers, partners, and clients with these easy-to-implement workflows that demonstrate the power of InfraWorks 360 software combined with the dynamic AutoCAD Civil 3D software design model. InfraWorks 360 software is a great starting point for civil engineers who are looking to visualize and analyze not only detailed design, but also conceptual proposals—all in the same environment. From geographic information system (GIS) data management to Trimble's SketchUp modeling program, this course is a great introduction for CAD designers looking to expand their skill sets beyond 2D documentation.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to implement commonly used AutoCAD Civil 3D software design practices with InfraWorks 360 software
    • Learn how to integrate both GIS and AutoCAD Civil 3D software into a 3D environment for context visualization
    • Learn how to connect concept proposals and detailed design for dynamic updates
    • Collaborate with other designers and data providers