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Improving Your Design Productivity with the AutoCAD Architecture Toolset

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    A recent study designed by Autodesk and commissioned by an independent consultant showed that the AutoCAD Architecture toolset provided a 61% overall productivity gain throughout the time taken to accomplish specific tasks in basic AutoCAD software. If you’re an architect, drafter, or facility designer and you'd like to boost your productivity, improve your design output, and maximize your AutoCAD investment, this class is for you. In this session, we’ll explore how AutoCAD Architecture software’s end-to-end workflows—conceptual design, space planning, design, documentation, and cloud collaboration workflows using Autodesk Docs—can enable architects and drafters to transition from AutoCAD to AutoCAD Architecture by maximizing the software’s 3D capabilities to increase efficiency, reduce rework, improve collaboration, and achieve better design output.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn massing techniques within AutoCAD Architecture.
    • Learn how to apply AutoCAD Architecture space planning, development, and scheduling to improve your CAD-based output.
    • Learn about developing quicker 2D to 3D CAD-based workflow for architectural building planning, design, and documentation.
    • Learn about key productivity improvements using AutoCAD Architecture over AutoCAD for architectural design documentation.