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Implementing Fabrication ESTmep—Best Practices

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    Take a look under the hood and see how Fabrication ESTmep software can save you time and money by using one common database throughout the Autodesk Fabrication portfolio. Learn best practices from industry experts on how to implement Fabrication ESTmep. In this class, we'll go through a recommended implementation strategy, along with best practices for a smooth implementation. We'll examine the Product Information Editor, ID Codes, and how pricing information is linked to items within Fabrication ESTmep. We'll look at the Harrison Pricing Service, and show you how to update an existing price list using a CSV file.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the basic concepts and necessary steps of implementing Fabrication ESTmep
    • Learn how to navigate through the Product Information Editor
    • Discover how Fabrication ESTmep links to pricing list
    • Learn how to import pricing updates