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ISO 19650 to Support Digital Engineering Processes

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    Where are we four years after the launch of ISO 19650? Digital transformation is accelerating as we speak, and standards are coming to make our life easier. Everyone wants to be the first runner and the best in class. But how do we cope with this speed and get the job done? This class will give an example of SYSTRA digital transformation strategy and the effort needed to launch the implementation of ISO 19650 on both the organizational and project levels. We’ll give an overview of the lessons learned and describe "must" actions to be deployed. We’ll uncover how ISO 19650 served to ramp up our digital engineering and data management capabilities, and how it pushed us to invest in development of our own digital solutions based on Autodesk Forge. We’ll also briefly present their implementation on different ongoing projects. To conclude, we’ll look at the direction we are heading right now on our digital transformation journey. The BIM 360 and Autodesk Forge digital solutions will include eLODy, Pablo, Carbon Tracker, and SafebyBIM, among others.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the stakes involved in implementing ISO 19650 successfully.
    • Get the sample and lessons learned in digital transformation in transportation engineering.
    • Discover what key achievements you might need to target while ramping up your digital-engineering transformation.
    • Discover new applications and digital solutions based on Autodesk Forge.