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How to pay for your BIM implementation? CAPEX, OPEX & TOTEX budgeting.

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    Now is the time to discuss and define BIM/VDC hard and soft costs in terms of capital spending (CAPEX), Operational Spend (OPEX) and whole life-cycle, total expenditure (TOTEX). How we budget for BIM within our organizations and on our projects is challenging and confusing and business value needs to be defined to further technology integration and advancement. Its not the technology that is holding us back, it is the procurement of that technology. Creating a BIM Procurement and Budgeting Plan that address short- and long-term value for both users and viewers along the supply chain and at different phases of the project, will optimize the usage of BIM, while increasing return on investment. Join this roundtable discussion to get your questions answered and to hear how others are addressing BIM Procurement and Budgeting issues and how they are getting clients and their companies to invest in AEC technology.

    Key Learnings

    • Define BIM / VDC Hard and Soft Cost for organizational implementation and project specific implementations.
    • Validate BIM costs for CAPEX, OPEX or TOTEX budget approaches.
    • Create a BIM Procurement and Budgeting Plan that address short- and long-term value.
    • Implement BIM procurement strategies to maximize Owner return on investment.