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How to Use Fusion 360 to Help Astronauts and Earthlings

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    Learn how Fusion 360 software was used to create a wearable technology capable of reducing physiotherapy from a 6-week process to a 10-minute application. In this talk, you'll hear from Fusion 360 evangelist's Paul Sohi, Michael Aubry, and Taylor Stein on how they collaborated together to create an IoT connected wearable with Fusion 360. On the Mission to Mars, it's estimated that astronauts will lose up to 30% of their bone and muscle density to atrophy caused by the 0-gravity environment. The fear is that the astronauts may not have the physical strength to put up even a tent when they land on Mars. Astronaut Yvonne Cagle has developed a method of body hacking which rebuilds bone and muscle tissue. This method compresses 6 weeks of physiotherapy into 10 minutes. Working with Autodesk, Cagle was able to take her technology from an application only she was capable of using effectively on patients, to a fully automated process using a wearable technology application.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how collaboration between engineers and designers can improve products
    • Learn how to design for wearable technologies
    • Learn how IoT can improve designs post CAD
    • Learn how to design products for space