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How Rivian Automotive Uses Autodesk Construction Cloud Data Analytics

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    As a new player in the electric vehicle market, Rivian Automotive needs to move fast. In addition to building a new product line of electrics trucks, SUVs and delivery vans they need to build the facilities infrastructure to support. This includes an array of new office space TIs, service centers, factory additions, charging and new retail spaces. To accomplish this goal Rivian used the ACC platform to collaborate with all design and construction partners and internal stakeholders. By running all projects on one common data platform it provides our project teams with an invaluable data set as an owner and operator, creating new opportunities to optimize project delivery. Attendees will learn about how Rivian Facilities utilized Autodesk Platforms Services to build a suite of custom integrations and tools that provide project teams actionable insights and automations that enable better collaboration with internal and external design and construction partners. These tools answer questions like – when was the last project meeting, to where the most recent construction documents are. Automating answers to questions save time and improve quality when you have 100's of projects all running in parallel. Join us as we share what worked and what didn't.

    Key Learnings