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How I Make My Child Love Math by Using Revit and Dynamo
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Helping children to love math is a challenge to most parents. Math is a skill that takes a lot of brain power to master, and kids can experience this as hard work. Since kids are more receptive to learning when it is associated more with play than with work, it is a good idea for parents to expose kids to math in fun ways. The challenge is to figure out how to create simple interactions and early learning activities to serve as a foundation for kids to enjoy math. Believe it or not, Revit software and the Dynamo extension can help. Using Revit software and the Dynamo extension together with an old Disney movie—“Donald in Mathmagic Land”—I’ve turned my kid into a math lover. Come to my class and I’ll share my experience with you. This session features Revit and 123D.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about Revit and the Dynamo extension
  • Learn how to program using visual programming
  • Learn how to create practical uses for your children using the Dynamo extension for Revit
  • Learn how to script in the Dynamo extension for math equations and make them fun


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