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How GDF SUEZ Built a Countrywide Gas Distribution System with AutoCAD® Map 3D Enterprise

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    GDF SUEZ Energy Romania specializes in providing natural gas to over 1.3 million consumers, all through an immense and intricate pipeline network covering 16,000 kilometers. In 2007, GDF Romania embarked on creating a new and more efficient network for the natural gas pipeline. Initiated from scratch and managed with the company’s internal resources and equipment, the collection of field data related to the pipeline distribution would take two years to complete and would be contained within a single, centralized database. The team made extensive use of AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise software (formerly Topobase™) in regional offices, created a web platform on Autodesk® Infrastructure Map Server to share the information across the company (more than 600 users), and worked closely with Autodesk Consulting to create the best and safest asset management system possible. This class will help you to better understand the challenges and the key factors of this successful implementation.

    Key Learnings

    • Share information through Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server
    • Build bridges between the AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise database and other systems, such as SAP or SCADA
    • List the challenges and the key factors of success for a countrywide utility network
    • Use AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise to create and maintain a large network