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How Fusion 360 Helped ITCC Quickly Transition to Virtual Delivery

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    Spring of 2020 was an interesting and stressful period for many professions. Teaching was no exception. Faculty at Ivy Tech Community College had one week to transition courses from in-person to entirely virtual. The use of Fusion 360 software made this possible. DESN 195 (Manufacturing Principles and Design) is a course that takes students through various aspects of manufacturing. Course objectives include: learning about workplace safety, creating G-code, using metrology tools, discussing lean principles, and developing a facility layout. Students typically take this course during their first year. In this class, we will journey through DESN 195 during Spring 2020. See how Fusion 360 lets people smoothly transition from in-person to virtual, even when creating computer numerical control (CNC) programs. During this class session, we will cover examples of what worked well, what did not, and what people in education and industry can learn from this experience.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover ways to share data while working virtually.
    • Discover best practices when using tools in Fusion 360.
    • Learn how to create toolpaths in Fusion 360.
    • Learn how to create a CNC setup in Fusion 360.