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How to Fast-Track your Freelance Career and Make Yourself 10 Times More Employable

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    This class will help digital artists become more employable in their industry, fast-track their career, and build a strong name for themselves in the competitive visual effects field. We will talk about how to develop unstoppable demo reels and attention-getting cover letters, along with tactics for managing and presenting yourself in the best light. We will cover how to develop contacts, stand out from other applicants, play the "game" when it comes to freelancing, and treat yourself like a business. You will learn to promote yourself and your work, create viral videos to gain recognition, and practice dozens of techniques to make your career unstoppable. The goal is to put yourself in more of an "industry celebrity" role where you are offered work based on word of mouth rather than having to apply for work and play the numbers game.

    Key Learnings

    • Write a killer cover letter, cut a perfect reel, and make yourself more attractive to employers in the visual effects industry
    • List the disciplines in high demand and describe the best route to take to reach your goal
    • List ways to prepare to seek employment and explain how to position and present yourself to possible employers
    • Build a name for yourself by promoting your work, name, and recognition