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How to Design, Simulate, and Manufacture a Self-Balancing Robot

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    There are a couple of trends in today’s world. One of them is that machines are becoming more complex and software is becoming an important part of every machine. Think about self-driving cars and attempts to land a rocket vertically. Now, there's a big gap between the software design for the machine and the CAD design. With a self-balancing robot as a goal, the speaker tried to bridge this gap and tried to validate the software design within Inventor software. With this approach we could extend the Digital Prototyping philosophy and make a true full-digital prototype. To get an idea of the project, take a look at the fusion gallery:

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to simulate a self-balancing robot within Inventor DS
    • Learn how to use this technology to solve real-world challenges
    • Discover what the speaker has tried and what didn't work
    • Discover the future of making machines