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How Decathlon use GD for designing the consumers products of the future?

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    Decathlon, the most preferred brand in France and the European sporting goods retailer, looks to the future of design through the lens of Generative Design and Sustainability. Charles Cambianica, Advanced Design Co-Leader at Decathlon, presented two years ago how Generative Design helps Decathlon to reimagine the bike of the Future. Today, evangelize this to the brand passion, his team continue to promote the use of Generative Design to create new ways of making new products. To help optimize the process, the project teams of Charles decided to use computational design as an exploratory tool. Decathlon wanted to observe how Generative Design could be used starting in the design phase and consequently wanted to shrink the carbon footprint of the thousands of products it manufactures each year.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how to approach a generative design project
    • Discover application areas for generative design
    • Learn how to run a project through the current technology
    • Discover new approach to design consumer product