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How BuildingConnected’s Network Is Connecting Every Construction Professional.

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    Construction is a relationship-based industry where deals are still closed with handshakes. But this way of doing business can also become stagnant. Outside of going through your Rolodex, cold calling, or word-of-mouth, there’s no way to find new contractors. This static database creates a fragmented industry. Contractors need to match the right people at the right companies to the right projects at the right time. That’s why BuildingConnected set out to connect every business and professional in the commercial construction industry. Join Mike Pettinella (Head of General Contractor Sales at BuildingConnected), as he walks you through BuildingConnected’s network and why it’s the largest and most trustworthy source of people, companies, and project data in the industry. He will showcase network data, why it’s better than a static database, and how markets are trending. Mike will also go in-depth on why it’s important for construction to have one system of record for the entire industry.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the largest network and why it’s the largest and most trustworthy source of construction professionals
    • Learn why a real-time, crowdsourced network is better than a static database
    • Learn how markets are trending
    • Learn about the importance of having one system of record for the entire industry