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How Autodesk Platform Solutions Support the Rail Infrastructure Industry

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    The rail infrastructure industry has large-scale challenges: design integration of many diverse engineering disciplines, asset combinations that bring together the entire building information modeling (BIM) lifecycle, and projects that have operations running for decades rather than a couple of years. These challenges need more than just one product; they require a platform solution that can grow and evolve over time. In the last decade, Autodesk has been investing heavily in improving specific railway infrastructure solutions in combination with a strong platform foundation. This class will give an overview of the entire rail lifecycle and how Autodesk supports its defining processes: measuring and modeling existing situations, feasibility studies, multidisciplinary/integrated design, site execution, project collaboration, and handover. This class content is based on Autodesk consultancy and product teams’ rail infrastructure background and partnerships with industry leaders, resulting in a comprehensive rail overview.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the available solutions for rail infrastructure business cases.
    • Learn about the platform strategy implementation for the rail infrastructure industry.
    • Learn about processes working across multiple Autodesk solutions.
    • Learn about implementing innovation and creativity using the Autodesk platform.