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How Analytics Is Bringing Insights to Toyota's Factory Projects

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    This case study will cover portfolio creation on business intelligence developed by Toyota Motor North America and Autodesk Consulting. We will discuss Toyota's business requirements, KPIs, and metrics. We'll evaluate Autodesk sources—including Data Connector and the Autodesk Platform Services Token Flex API—against Toyota's requirements. The presentation will teach BI development from raw data extracted from Autodesk products. It will list technical aspects of the ELT process for data extracting, loading, and transforming. An area of focus will be the data engineering processes required to produce meaningful consolidated tables, where data are sliced and diced to target KPIs. The final products include modules' BI dashboards for Executive Overview, RFIs, Issues, Submittals, Forms, Assets, and token consumption, which transform raw data into actionable insights that inform tactical business decisions. The visuals generated from BI equip Toyota with detailed intelligence about the state of the business.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain an overview of business initiatives and pain points, KPIs for projects and users, and metrics developed and their measurements.
    • See evaluations of the Autodesk Data Connector, Autodesk Platform Services Token Flex API, and Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect for customized workflows.
    • Learn about metrics and products, including modules like Executive Overview, RFIs, Issues, Submittals, Assets, and tokens consumption.
    • Learn about value added to customers, and get recommendations on products' strategies for diagnostic and predictive analytics.