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Housekeeping in AutoCAD: Keep Those Drawings Shipshape!

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    Shaun Bryant (CADJedi), a LinkedIn Learning [in]structor, comes from a military family. His father served in the Royal Navy and taught him to keep all things shipshape! This includes his AutoCAD drawings. A crucial part of your daily drafting is managing your drawings to known standards, and ensuring that your blocks are on the correct layer, your text has the correct style or size, and your dimensions are using the appropriate dimension style. You must often face numerous (and sometimes onerous) issues with standards in your AutoCAD ?les, but taking the time to ?x these issues can be a massive timesaver in the long run. In this class, Shaun will take you through several AutoCAD techniques that speed up these processes and allow you to make your drawings open quicker with reduced ?le sizes and reduced risk of crashing—making you a much happier AutoCAD user!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about working with CAD standards.
    • Learn how to check that AutoCAD objects are on the appropriate layers.
    • Learn how to assign necessary text styles to text, multiline text, and labels.
    • Learn how to assign necessary dimension styles and multileader styles.