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Help—I Was the CAD Manager: Now I'm a Software Developer?

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    Ideally, a dedicated software development team, skilled in the software development lifecycle, handles the task of customizing Autodesk products to meet your business needs. More often, however, it is the advanced CAD user or manager who handles this task, starting off by tinkering with a few lines of script-but ending up spending nights and weekends wrestling a mountain of now-mission-critical code. If this scenario sounds a little too familiar, please join us for a crash course in software development best practices, and discover some tips and tricks that should make your code-wrangling days more enjoyable.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to apply modern techniques to maintain and back up scripts and source code
    • Understand the fundamentals of the software development lifecycle
    • Learn how to deploy additional tools to enable an easier coding workflow
    • Learn how to prepare code for cloud technologies