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Hard questions only! Multi-discipline panel on BIM & Digital Transformation

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    This expert panel representing technology leaders from across AECO will discuss the hard questions of Digital Transformation. It's easy to take for granted that everyone is “doing BIM” but this panel wants to dig deeper to talk about the challenges that remain as our industry goes through a Digital Transformation. We will go beyond the easy wins and discuss what BIM adoption *really* looks like and how hard it is to drive change. How is the escalation in tools changing our production process, and what does it mean for how we manage our projects and firms? What does the shift to data-driven work mean for an industry based around design studios and professionally licensed staff? Importantly, this panel will represent diverse views to understand how the responses and need for change vary across disciplines.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the challenges with driving organizational change
    • Prioritize projects centered on driving data driven change
    • Understand the connection between Revit modeling practices and AI/ML
    • Assess how their workforce is changing to meet new industry practices