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Hands-on with the Newest Features of Generative Design in Fusion360 (led by creators)

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    Autodesk Fusion360 is continuously pushing boundaries of what's possible with Generative Design technology. With each release, new features and improvements are added to the product. In this hands-on lab you will step through the end-to-end generative workflow, with special focus put on the new features introduced in 2019. You will learn how to set up the generative problem, use automatic obstacle creation tool and explore new manufacturing constraints like 5-axis, 3-axis, 2.5-axis milling, 2D cutting, frame method and more. You will learn how to use the preview feature to validate your setup, how to review, compare and select outcomes, how to export them end further modify and how to validate final designs in the Fusion 360 Simulation workspace. This hands-on lab is created and led by the software development team behind the product. You will have opportunity to get your questions answered and to provide feedback directly to the people creating new features.

    Key Learnings

    • Set up a generative design study in Fusion360 using newly available manufacturing constraints and features
    • Review and compare the generative outcomes, using the latest exploration features
    • Export, modify and validate the selected generative outcomes using the Fusion360 simulation capabilities
    • Get answers from the development team behind the Generative Design in Fusion360 and provide feedback directly to creators