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Handing Over a Digital Shadow

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    Although industry has changed with digital transformation, the outputs delivered at handover to safely maintain and operate an asset remain widely the same. The reality is that handover data accuracy and delivery formats can vary dramatically, often making it difficult to adopt in operation without wasting time and money reformatting. While handover information has evolved from paper to somewhat digital (PDF, COBie, and IFC, for example), we still see common errors at handover. One reason is that our authoring tool databases can't easily deliver these standard formats. So, what if we could keep models data light? What if the person with the knowledge rather than the software skills could input directly into a connected data pool? What if we could see a history of design and construction information at handover? This class will show you how Perkins&Will is working to deliver, via a centralized platform, connected data sets that are open, flexible, structured, reusable, and extensible.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about how delivering structured data is fundamental to any project.
    • Learn how Perkins & Will deliver information in an open, flexible, reusable and extensible format for use in operation.
    • Learn how thinking about use in operation during the client-briefing stage is key to the success of project delivery.
    • Learn how delivering a digital shadow is the first step in delivering a digital twin.