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Ground Yourself with a Properly Implemented Electrical: Implementing AutoCAD Electrical

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    Do you work collaboratively or independently in AutoCAD Electrical software? If you have more than one user at your company creating drawings with AutoCAD Electrical, this class helps you understand all the ways you can reference common, shared files effectively. The class covers how to install, configure, and organize those files so that drawings easily follow established standards and appear consistent from project to project and user to user. The class digs into some key ways AutoCAD Electrical promotes standardization and shows you an effective way to implement AutoCAD Electrical that allows users to work productively and consistently from a common set of files.

    Key Learnings

    • Share common libraries, databases, and other reference files effectively
    • Configure the environment file to access shared locations first
    • Organize your shared locations for convenient access and maintenance
    • Use standard reference files to share data among users and between projects