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Giga Panel, Giga Delivery, Giga Projects, Giga Data: Giga Success

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    Working at pace, scale and complexity, the Middle East delivers iconic projects and challenges the traditional built environment. Projects are giga-sized, delivery programs accelerated, change is a constant, and standards are mixed. Diverse global delivery teams, from inception to concept through design, handover, and operations, must deal with the challenges of fast-paced delivery with many moving components to meet opening dates. Digital delivery is a must, not an option. The region is a hotbed of innovation in how we design, create, and build, integrating the best of experience from other areas and driving its own path forward. We will hear from panelists that have successfully delivered giga projects on the impact of innovation on project delivery and management, working with a broad spectrum of teams and companies at different levels of digital maturity. We'll explore information management from concept to operations, informed decision-making through the application of digital.

    Key Learnings

    • Prepare your teams to work on giga projects
    • Implement Digital Delivery strategies from giga projects to everyday projects
    • Prepare your organization to accelerate delivery
    • Lead successful diverse global teams