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Getting To Know You – A Guide to Connecting With Peers in the Autodesk Community
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The Autodesk Community helps users connect with others in their industry to share ideas, learn about new design techniques and tools, and make new professional connections. With the Autodesk Forums, Autodesk Knowledge Network, Autodesk Blogs, user blogs and many social media sites, this community can be a great tool for helping you become more successful in your career. This session will focus on the value of this powerful resource to users in any industry, and across the spectrum of Autodesk products. It will also present some tips on how to get the most value from the community. So, join us for a fun, enlightening and interactive session presented by the Autodesk Community and your Expert Elites.

Key Learnings

  • Navigate the Autodesk Community forums for your professional discipline.
  • Effectively communicate with professional peers on a variety of topics.
  • Share your own knowledge with others in your field.
  • Find or receive answers to product related questions.



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