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Get Packed for Your Digital Twin Journey

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    A digital twin needs to be powered by an energy called information. At a time when many facilities owners are considering developing a digital twin, the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry needs to empower this smart replica by producing information for this purpose. Ultimately, this allows for more-sustainable design, more-efficient construction, and more-informed maintenance. Nevertheless, to make it work, a shift is needed: Treat information as an asset, just like the physical infrastructure. Based on the case of Montreal's new metro line project, this class will describe a methodology that includes the strategic actions to be taken, the requirements to be imposed, and the operational means to be settled. We’ll cover the keys to exploiting the data generated during the D&B phase so that at handover, a virtual representation of the infrastructure is available to support operations throughout the asset's lifecycle. This class is subject to our customer agreement, “CDPQ infra."

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the prerequisites for the emergence of a digital twin of an instratructure.
    • Learn about the series of actions that need to be implemented to create and continuously feed the digital twin.
    • Learn how to turn a BIM/VDC project into an enabler for a digital twin.
    • Gain knowledge to help you influence your organization to invest in the development of the digital twin.