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Get Your Linked Data from Anywhere with the Revit API

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    Did you know you can get your keynote data from a database or your company wiki, or that you can share links across multiple users without complicated setups with mapped network drives? This class will teach Revit API users how to use the external resource service to manage linked models and other external data. You will learn how to easily create references to Revit software, DWG™ software, or Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) models that are provided by a Revit plug-in. This can give you more control over how to manage and control access to links. For example, in a work-shared environment, users with different machine setups can still access the same linked data. (Or not access it!) You will also learn how to customize your keynote data and avoid using a keynote file entirely if you wish. We'll also go over some tips and tricks for using links, including some enhancements made in Revit 2018 software.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the options for providing Revit, DWG, and IFC links from locations other than “a file on my hard drive”
    • Understand how to create and provide custom keynote data without having to hand write a file
    • Learn how to create Revit plug-ins using the external resource service in Revit software’s API
    • Learn how to use recent Revit API improvements to place and control your linked data