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Generative Design and Metal Casting: Economical Performance

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    In this session, we'll explore a powerful combination of 3 technologies: generative design, additive manufacturing, and metal casting. We'll discuss different generative and optimization approaches and manufacturability implications, cover how different 3D printing technologies are using in metal casting, and finally discuss the different metal casting processes and their respective capabilities. Content will include case studies, including comparison of manufacturing costs, lead times, and other upstream logistics / design implications-as well as downstream cost savings and other benefits. The session will also include practical tips and guidelines for designing for the metal casting process and recommendations of suppliers and manufacturers. Attendees will leave with a familiarity with the generative-design-to-metal-casting workflow and a basic understanding of process manufacturability constraints and design rules.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to select the appropriate casting technology for your application
    • Learn how to apply basic design and manufacturability rules to your designs for this workflow
    • Learn how to better navigate the tradeoffs between different 3D-printing-enabled workflows for the manufacturing of metal parts
    • Gain an understanding of the different additive processes used in different metal casting processes