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Generative Design for Industrial Machinery; design exploration for casting

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    Generative Design is changing how designers and engineers bring new products to market. By leading with objectives and functional requirements, Generative Design allows users to rapidly generate and explore 100’s or 1000’s of higher performing design options that would have been previously unexplored. What’s new to many – is that the value of Generative Design is not exclusive to the aerospace industry and additive manufacturing. Generative Design now has the ability to explore options for traditional manufacturing techniques as well like CNC, and provide inspiration for casting. TB Wood’s is a recognized industry leader for highly-engineered industrial machinery applications. TB Wood’s has been producing commercial castings for over 160 years, while being a global leader in the design and manufacture of couplings and belted drive solutions. Join Autodesk & TB Wood’s for an overview on how to connect the benefits of Generative Design with the industrial machinery industry.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the benefits of Generative Design to the industrial machinery industry
    • Leverage Generative Design for Casting applications
    • Leverage Generative Design in Fusion 360 alongside Inventor
    • Understand Generative Design workflows