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The Future of Post Processing

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    <p>This class will cover implementing new technology into existing post processors and give attendees some insight into the future of "posting.&rdquo; We&rsquo;ll outline the use of machine configurations and how they can significantly simplify the Postscript, bringing more functionality to the Fusion 360 UI. With the release of .cpsz, we&rsquo;ll cover how to use, build, and distribute new packaged posts that enable the distribution of all supporting assets in a single file. Previously, Fusion 360 posts required a lot of scripting to perform certain tasks, which have now been covered in the post API. We&rsquo;ll present this new API and explain its usage&mdash;enabling much more basic post processors. Finally, we&rsquo;ll give a brief overview of the road map and the future of post processing within Fusion 360.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the usage of machine configurations in post processing
    • Learn how to create, extract, and use an archived post processor
    • Learn how to use new API functionality to simplify post processors
    • Learn about the roadmap of post processing within Fusion 360