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The Future of Making Stuff

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    What does the future hold? How will you and your business be able to keep pace in a world where accelerating technology is leaving entire industries in the dust seemingly overnight? The accelerating complexity of challenges we each face every day can be terrifying as we try to bring new products to market, deliver improved levels of service, and compete in a ferocious global economy. Fortunately, a broad spectrum of enabling technologies is becoming widely accessible to everyone. These enablers can allow us to overcome complexity and take full advantage of the challenges of today to create the opportunities of tomorrow. Attend this mind-blowing session to learn from the world's most innovative experts about the incredible work they are doing today and about the shocking future of making things that they see in front of us. This session features Mickey McManus, president and CEO, MAYA; Mark Hatch, CEO, Techshop; Ash Notaney, VP of Product and Innovation, Project Frog; Domenic Di Giorgio, digital creatureologist, Creature Technology; Jason Martin, founder, CEO, Carbon Audio; Patrick Triato, lead designer, Carbon Audio; Sarah Krasley, thought leader, Autodesk; and Jay Rogers, CEO, Local Motors. Come to this awe-inspiring session to challenge your perceptions and learn how the future of making things will alter personal manufacturing forever.

    Key Learnings

    • Question authority
    • Learn about the future
    • Describe the future of making things
    • Think for yourself