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The Future of Integrated Factory Model Collaboration

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    Building projects are already realized with the innovative Autodesk Construction Cloud, a data and collaboration platform enabling different planning disciplines and teams to work together in a common data environment. In a factory planning project those planning disciplines are enhanced with teams needing to integrate complex production lines, conveyor systems, steel structure and even logistics equipment. Hidden behind firewalls, software installed and running on-premise forces teams to handle time consuming & inefficient data exchange, disconnected collaboration tracking processes and inadequate viewing & reviewing tasks. This class demonstrates how Autodesk’s cloud services make it possible to efficiently exchange data between on-premise systems and cloud solutions (off-premise). We showcase and provide a best practice approach, how to set up a model coordination space in BIM Collaborate Pro to manage a holistic factory model, its clashes & issues and its review tasks.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the critical use cases for factory model collaboration, where cloud solutions can improve the entire process.
    • Explore how to exchange data via the Desktop Connector between Vault Professional and Autodesk Doc or Fusion Teams.
    • Learn how to set up a holistic factory model in a model coordination space within BIM Collaborate Pro and Navisworks Manage.
    • Explore the possibilities of managing issues, reviewing issues & models and verifying & communicating model changes.