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The Future of Data: Forge Data Platform
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As Design and Make come closer together, the ability to access and modify data throughout all phases a project or product life cycle are becoming critical for success. Access to designs, and the information they contain, is critical for downstream applications and users to do their jobs, but are difficult to access using today’s technology.. Learn how we are building the Forge Data Platform will enable you to make those connections, and enable applications and users anywhere in the design lifecycle to contribute to the design. The Forge Data Platform will help you manage, modify, share and collaborate on data from any application that exposes an API to access its data.

Key Learnings

  • Take a first look at Autodesk future strategy for how design data will be shared and accessed.
  • Understand the Forge Data Platform architecture.
  • Understand how 2D or 3D models and other associated design data can be shared and controlled in collaborative environment.
  • See the future of data interoperability.



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