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Fusion 360: Using Generative Design to Help Optimize a Bicycle Component
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Generative design is now used as an asset during bicycle design and manufacturing. We’ll explain how Fusion 360 generative tools enhance the workflow of a specific part design. Focusing on the frame rear dropout, you’ll be able to visualize the structure, make simulation changes, and complete a full component simulation in this dynamic tutorial. This class will expand upon a previous Autodesk University 2018 demonstration of A-to-Z bicycle design and manufacturing, and will reveal how a basic prototype is enhanced using creative design within generative software.

Key Learnings

  • Help identify a favorable bicycle frame component candidate for generative
  • Learn how to select and prepare the component piece from the master for generative
  • Learn how to examine the results of the generative simulator
  • Learn how to utilize generative results within the entire part workflow



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