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Fusion 360 for Horizontal Mills

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    Horizontal machining centers (HMCs) have many advantages, and some disadvantages, over their counterpart. Many struggle with efficiently programming or getting started programming HMCs. This Fusion 360 instructional class will advise different workflows on setting up and programming an HMC. We'll demonstrate tips and tricks to make programming and machining times quicker and more efficient. We'll showcase several example posts and operation property modifications you can utilize to make the programmer’s and operator’s jobs much easier. With these methods and a bit of machining knowledge, you'll have more confidence in programming and optimizing the efficiency of your HMC.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create setups for duplicate parts or different parts on any number of tombstone faces.
    • Learn how to locate your work offsets with fixtures and/or probing, while maintaining relationships between parts and operations.
    • Discover when to use patterns on duplicate parts versus programming multiple parts as a group.
    • Learn how to utilize post and operation properties to generate efficient code for your CNC machine tools.