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Fusion 360 Event Simulation under the hood, based on real crash accidents

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    Do you want to learn how assemblies with lots of moving parts behave when they undergo a high speed impact (aka crash) ? Autodesk's powerful explicit solver is the tool for you. The solver allows you to investigate real-world crashes. You will see a bus crashing into a road barrier, and the collapse of a concrete block on a construction crane. You will discover how it works under the hood based on these two real accidents. Learn how large models crash and deform in real life and how to choose the correct values for many parameters. Event simulation is available in Fusion 360 and Inventor Nastran. Both uses new solvers: ED (explicit dynamic) and QS (quasi static). It is possible to verify one design in different Autodesk software thanks to their cloud collaboration. The session will give you a solid understanding how event simulation solver works. You will have opportunity to get your questions answered and to provide feedback directly to the people creating new features.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how assemblies that have lots of moving pieces behave when they undergo a high speed impact
    • Discover explicit dynamics algorithms and learn how to use them
    • Learn powerful contact detection algorithm that is going to automatically keep on track
    • Find out what new processes you can use to improve product quality and safety