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Fusion 360 Data Ownership and Fusion Team Configuration

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    Fusion 360 software installs and runs on Windows 10 and macOS, just like traditional applications. However, all of Fusion 360 software’s data is synchronized to the Autodesk Cloud, hosted on Amazon Cloud servers, which provides numerous data management benefits. Having a high-level understanding of how Fusion 360 stores its data is critical for business owners who have chosen to use Fusion 360 as their digital design and manufacturing tool. What isn’t obvious to business owners is this: The first employee to set up and use Fusion 360 in their business becomes the owner of all the data created with Fusion 360. This class will explain why and how business owners or IT managers can make sure they have control over their companies’ intellectual property.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover which account controls your company's Fusion 360 data
    • Learn how to validate where all your company's Fusion 360 data currently resides
    • Learn about where to manage employees’ access to your Fusion 360 software versus your Fusion 360 data
    • Learn how to configure Fusion 360 Team to suit your company