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Machine Learning in Fusion 360: See What’s Here, What’s Coming, and What’s Next

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    This roundtable discussion will get you up to speed on what machine learning is, what research is currently in development for Fusion 360 software, and how it impacts you. As Autodesk becomes a data company, machine learning can add value to your product development process in a variety of ways. We’ll start the discussion by giving practical examples of the types of problems that machine learning can help solve for product design and manufacturing. We’ll then guide participants through several exercises to identify opportunities, contribute your priorities, comment on the current plans, and learn how to get involved in the future. This is also a great forum to share any concerns about this technology to an audience that can take your feedback into the development plans and have an open discussion about what Autodesk should be doing to address them.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn what machine learning is—and what it isn’t
    • Learn about the types of problems Fusion 360 is currently targeting with machine-learning research
    • Participative in active discussions with fellow attendees to discover common areas where machine learning can add the most value
    • Gain an open line of communication with the Fusion 360 Machine Learning Research and Development Team