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Fusion 360 Assemblies Explained for the Traditional CAD Designer

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    Maybe you've used CAD for years and modeled parts and assemblies the traditional way. Or maybe you're familiar with the traditional bottom-up CAD design process, and you've noticed Fusion 360 software looks a little different. In this class, we'll compare the assembly design process in Inventor software with the processes you can use in Fusion 360. After all, you want to know all the facts before evaluating what's best for you.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to work with assemblies in Fusion 360 software's single-design file context
    • Learn how to use distributed design in Fusion 360 when it makes sense
    • Learn how to restructure Fusion 360 designs and troubleshoot when restructuring isn't possible
    • Determine which assembly scenarios aren’t the best fit for Fusion 360