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Forge - Enabling Manufacturing business from Anywhere, Anytime for Anybody
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The learning from the recent pandemic that struck businesses hard, was to enable business to function uninterrupted remotely. For engineering or manufacturing businesses, design forms the core element, which had to be quickly ported from cubicles to homes without compromising the performance. This required that not only design and drawings, but calculations, analysis, simulation and decision making that happen across the table, have now to be moved to the cloud to enable a collaborative, device or location independent functioning.

Autodesk Forge, not only solved the cloud enablement of collaborative design, but also provided a platform to automate many of the calculation, analysis, configuration and documentation of products and processes.

In this industry talk, I would like to touch upon a few case studies and customer examples, where Forge has enabled an elevator manufacturer, a process integrator and an Engineering conglomerate overcome their remote working maladies over the cloud

Key Learnings

  • Learn where Forge can help you in your Design, documentation and decision process
  • Understand what parts of your Design process can be automated on the cloud
  • Learn how sales automation could be enabled by providing interface on any device for anyone
  • Learn how crisis situations were avoided by collaborating on the cloud



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