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Floodslicer - A case study in finding the balance of artistry and technology in Design Visualisation

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    Technology has changed markedly over the last 15 years. We’ve had a convergence of media forms and delivery platforms and simultaneously media content creation has become increasingly available to all. As the virtualised environments have become more streamlined, it has become easier to sell or depict products from remote locations, yet content in the architectural sector for the most part remains generated locally. Is the content and culture it comes from therefore the dominant paradigm? Is the delivery system the element that then just allows a different method of presentation of the same core issues? What are these core requirements for design visualisation and how do we harness the next generation of delivery methods? Through the progressive work of FloodSlicer’s 15 years, this talk will investigate the changes that have been made and what we can learn from this as we move forward into the platforms of VR, AR and more.

    Key Learnings