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Fight the Power! Educate, and Then AIMS for the Sky!

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    This class begins with educating your bosses or decision-makers about GIS technology with a focus on the benefits of using Autodesk® products with Feature Data Objects (FDO) technology to connect with many GIS and raster data sources. We show how current Autodesk products can use the technology without the need for additional expensive software and contracts. We also show how other electrical utilities use AutoCAD® even with GIS from other vendors. Convince the Power of the facts! We also discuss a real-world upgrade from AutoCAD® Map 3D Enterprise 2012 with Autodesk® MapGuide® 6.5 to Map 3D 2013 and Autodesk® Infrastructure Map Server (AIMS) 2013. The class covers moving the system into full production, using the current process workflow of the utility while retaining the basic look and feel of the application. This class is co-presented with a technical consultant from the Autodesk Global Services Utilities and Telecom Consulting group.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain and use FDO technology
    • Describe how other utilities use AutoCAD with and for GIS
    • List the steps it takes to upgrade to AIMS
    • Convince your boss with the knowledge you gain