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Fatal Error: Basic Troubleshooting Solutions for AutoCAD
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The class will go over basic file maintenance and troubleshooting techniques. It will cover how to recover a drawing that has become corrupt using Audit, Purge, -Purge, and Recover. It will address the importance of a CER report and why it needs to be sent in and what to do after it’s been sent over. It will cover different troubleshooting solutions for printing. Finally, we’ll close with lag within the Windows environment itself.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about basic file maintenance for DWG and discover Audit, Purge, -Purge, and Recover
  • Learn what to do when AutoCAD has stopped working—what a CER is, why we send it in, and what we should do after sending it
  • Learn about and troubleshoot plotting and printing issues with AutoCAD
  • Learn how to optimize AutoCAD within the Windows environment



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