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Fabrication Duct-Pressure Class Advanced Setup and Configuration CAM/CAD/EST

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    This class will cover all aspects of the ductwork pressure-class specification setting used by Fabrication CAMduct software, Fabrication CADmep software, and Fabrication ESTmep software. We will cover all aspects of how to create and understand the components and related ancillaries linked to shop-fabrication standards as defined in the Fabrication software database setting. Because the database is integrated with estimating and detailing, we will also show which setting in Fabrication CAMduct software will affect the Fabrication ESTmep cost and the Fabrication CADmep graphics. We will also examine effective practices for setting up duct fittings and straight lengths for reinforcement through stiffiners (internal, external, or both) on order to comply with SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association) and DW/144 specifications guidelines. Finally, we will cover the duct connector settings on the round, rectangular, and oval patterns, and we'll discuss the relationships between the duct patterns' dimensions and computer numerical control (CNC) notch profiles as defined in the Fabrication CAMduct software database.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn to setup and maintain valid DW144 and SMACNA sheet-metal specification with the duct-pressure class settings of Fabrication CAMduct software
    • Understand the various options and settings to create valid stiffeners breakpoint and placement for duct fitting and straights
    • Learn how to build connectors with confidence knowing how the sheet metal will be manufactured by AutoCAD CAMduct software
    • Discover how settings in AutoCAD CAMduct software impact others in your company using the same database for Fabrication ESTmep software and Fabrication CADmep software