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The Expedition to Net Zero: Sustainability Research Powered by Fusion 360.

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    It’s time to Zero, how can university research help us transition to Net Zero? PrintCity, has 6 large research projects (€50M) that enhance Sustainability and the Circular Economy transition, to reduce our impact on the environment. Projects span a range of industries and grand challenges to make new materials, more sustainable products and extend the life of electronics. With a state-of-the-art digital manufacturing facility, PrintCity’s research is delivered by a multidisciplinary team who are passionate about sustainability and are proud to work for the UK’s #1 Greenest University, Manchester Metropolitan. Projects include producing 95-98% recycled FDM filaments from single use plastics, 3D printing concrete replacing virgin sand with recycled aggregates (demolition waste) and using 3D print for repair. Learn how Fusion 360 is being used to design new, more sustainable products. Learn more about how PrintCity’s sustainability research is helping us transition to Net Zero.

    Key Learnings

    • How to develop sustainability research projects
    • How to get multidisciplinary teams to work together effectively
    • How the science of sustainability can have a real impact on additive manufacturing
    • How fusion 360 is the tool being used to design parts to exploit these sustainability research advances