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Carbon Is the Culprit: Uncovering Manufacturing Sustainability Insights

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    Since 80% of carbon is already locked into a product by the decisions made at the design phase, making good design and manufacturing choices is key to producing products with lower carbon impact. However, today, designers and engineers lack the data and tools to inform their design and manufacturing decisions, all while new and upcoming regulations are forcing designers and manufacturers to produce their products in more-sustainable ways. To tackle this issue, this talk will introduce Autodesk's new Manufacturing Sustainability Insights tool. Created in partnership with Gravity Climate, this interactive manufacturing-impact exploration tool for Autodesk Fusion 360 will provide users with valuable insights into the carbon emissions associated with producing their designs via various manufacturing methods, enabling users to make better informed decisions that support sustainable manufacturing practices, resulting in better products for the planet.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the environmental impact of the manufacturing industry and the importance of tackling it in the design phase.
    • Learn how to create sustainable manufacturing workflows by maximizing the Manufacturing Sustainability Insights tool in Fusion 360.
    • Compare carbon emissions of different design/manufacturing alternatives, estimating the impact of design choices.
    • Learn how to implement sustainable design practices by optimizing designs for sustainability and reporting on manufacturing carbon impact.