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The Essential Skills for Sheet Metal Modeling in Fusion 360

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    Fusion 360 software has four unique design workflows: Solid, Surface, Sculpt (T-Spline), and Sheet Metal. Each workflow has unique tools that are specialized for the different types of modeling. The Sheet Metal workflow can be simple, yet confusing. Certain tools have multiple functions and use. There are Sheet Metal Rules and it is important to understand the role they play. Join this class to better understand the proper workflow for modeling sheet metal components in Fusion 360. We will discuss how to capitalize on the Sheet Metal Rules and the multiple applications of the Flange command. During this demonstration, we will recreate a component and show how to document the formed part and flat pattern with a 2D drawing.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the importance and role of Sheet Metal Rules.
    • Learn how to apply the Flange command to make faces, flanges, and contour flanges.
    • Discover why a sheet metal part may not generate a flat pattern.
    • Learn how to document formed parts and flat patterns with a 2D drawing.