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Elevating Sales with Forge and Inventor iLogic

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    The presenter showcases a industry application case study from an Elevator manufacturer, who uses the power of Forge platform to automate their pre-Sales process along with iLogic driven Inventor model. Learn how, the already powerful iLogic driven 3D models in Inventor works as the business logic driver and leverages the multidevice capability of Forge platform. The class will explore how the Sales team can be empowered with an online configurator that they can use at customer site to design and arrive at pre-requisite drawings and estimates within few minutes. The core objective of this Forge platform integration not only reduces time to proposal, but also gives the customer a choice to visualize and modify their requirement onsite without having to wait for responses from design team. The presenter will explain how they could save close to 20% of their Sales proposal drawing generation cycle time which used to take over a day to respond with changes from their engineering team.

    Key Learnings

    • Utilizing Forge platform as a sales accelerator on the web
    • Leveraging the powerful combination of Inventor iLogic with Forge Design Automation Platform.
    • Cross integration with on-premises business systems with Forge for sales automation
    • Extended capabilities of Forge beyond sales and into other Business / Enterprise systems.